Integrated Camera and Microphones now available in 3233 Benjamin

COLLEGE PARK, MD (May, 2015) – An integrated classroom camera and ceiling microphones are now available in room 3233 Benjamin Building for teaching purposes.

The Integrated camera provides a solution to capture classroom-based activities and lectures.

Example of Integrated Classroom with Cam and Mic

Wide Classroom Camera View in Adobe Connect

What are the benefits?

  • Students can review difficult concepts as often as they like at the times of their choosing
  • Bring experts, from around the world, into your classroom
  • Save videos, using Adobe Connect,  to your ELMS course space for  later viewing by students
  • Ceiling  microphones, in the classroom, help  to capture sounds from seated students
  •  Lectures could be shared with colleagues
  • Guest speakers may deliver a lecture through Adobe Connect 
  • Students can record mock teaching lessons and view it afterwards as a tool for self-reflection and improvement of instructional delivery
  • Student laptops are no longer needed for note taking; Lectures are digitally recorded and can be  made readily available for students on-demand via ELMS

There are three different views controlled, by the instructor, on the desktop

ETS will be hosting a brown-bag discussion on the uses of this technology on Wednesday, May 13, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm for College of Education faculty and support staff.  This will include discussions of how these tools can be integrated into recording and videoconferencing software, such as Adobe Connect and Panopto, as well as the pros and cons associated with the various options.

Please visit our brown-bag information page to RSVP for that event:

For further information on integrated cameras in the classroom and Adobe Connect, please contact Rosalia Webb ( in ETS.