Hands-On, Brains-On for Maryland Day at the College of Education

Visitors could see their own brains in action at the College of Education at Maryland Day 2023.

As thousands of visitors descended upon the University of Maryland campus on April 29 for the 25th annual Maryland Day, the College of Education welcomed community members with games, art projects and even an opportunity to see inside their own brains. Visitors thrilled at the chance to see their brains in action as they tried on special caps that measured their brain activity in real time. Guests also made bright red art prints of Testudo, tested their aim by tossing toy turtles, played with virtual reality headsets and controllers, won college swag by proving their trivia chops, got messy with finger paint, and crafted colorful yarn turtles, glitter bottles and paper brain hats. Throughout the day, community members also had ample opportunities to learn about all the College of Education has to offer and to chat with faculty, staff, students, alumni and even Dean Kimberly Griffin.

Check out the slideshow below for some College of Education highlights from this year’s Maryland Day.