Adobe Licensing Requires Reauthorization

COLLEGE PARK, MD (July, 2015) – Confused by a recent Adobe warning popping up on your machine? Wondering why you are told you must now buy Adobe Acrobat XI?

The issue noted above is due to a change in the way Adobe is now licensing their products to UMD, going from being an option to being the required method for their titles; namely, enterprise licensing via Cloud-based subscriptions. Anyone who did not renew their license using a new code from the Terpware site began seeing license expiration messages as of June 1st.

A complete step-by-step guide for faculty and staff on how to renew by getting your updated license code on Terpware can be found at:

As always, if you are COE faculty or staff, and have trouble completing these steps yourself on a UMD computer, you can request ETS assistance through your Department Tech Contact: