Op/Ed: AI Can Make Education More Personal (Yes, Really)

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Artificial Intelligence has been making waves in the news for its potential to upend many sectors of society and the economy. Jing Liu, assistant professor of education policy, explores how AI could be used to provide frequent and objective feedback to teachers, thus improving education overall.

At a time when teachers are being burnt out, new AI tools need to help teachers free up their time and foster meaningful relationships with students. To that end, one area where AI has tremendous potential is teacher professional development.

Different from evaluative feedback, this kind of feedback aims to modify teachers’ thinking or behavior to improve their teaching. For example, do teachers ask open-ended questions that elicit students’ higher-order thinking? Do teachers effectively engage students from all backgrounds and not just some?

This brand-new feedback loop is what our team, a group of scholars with expertise in education, linguistics, economics, and computer science, envisioned when we designed our AI-powered feedback tool. We call this tool M-Powering Teachers (M stands for machine).

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