ETS Sponsors Data Security Workshop for COE Faculty and Staff

Computer with a lock

In partnership with DIT's department of Security & Policy/Project NEThics, ETS is pleased to sponsor an extended luncheon workshop for College of Education faculty and staff on best practices for securing your University data.

From denial-of-service attacks to sensitive data security breaches, data and information network security has been a growing topic in national and international news over the past several years. Those in higher education are not immune, risking identity theft on a personal level as well as being responsible for the security of student data, even as we try to navigate the waters of broader, always-on expectations of access.

This visit by the Office of Security and Policy is intended to inform faculty and staff of the risks associated with not being aware of best practices in the stewardship of the data we create, access, and transfer. This impacts nearly everyone in our college community, from the obvious (those that grade, those that process timesheets) to the more obscure (preparing a document for emailing to a faculty member or accessing your email via a personal mobile device)..

As part of our mission to communicate issues of technological importance to our college community, we are pleased to provide this workshop to interested faculty and staff.. A light lunch will be served, and RSVP collected to secure a seat and to help plan for this event.

RSVP: [Closed]
Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Time: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Location: 0220 Benjamin