Computer Lab renovation update – 9/11/12

Dear College of Education Faculty and Support Staff:

The ETS computer lab (0230 Benjamin) has completed the second phase of its 2011/2012 upgrade. The following modifications were completed over the course of the past year (phase one):


Upgraded Computer Lab
Upgraded Computer Lab


  • Realignment of the physical configuration to improve its use as a teaching space
  • Direct connection to 1Gb data jacks, rather than switches, to improve performance
  • Installation of an 800 series SMARTBoard
  • Implementation of keyserving
  • Lab image management by DIT Lab Services to improve overall uptime
  • Installation of LANSchool on an instructor computer, allowing individual machine and screen control by the instructor
  • Modification of lighting to allow better control for projection and energy savings (i.e., from one switch to four)
  • New chairs for students

The second phase was going to be limited to new computers and desks, but the College was able to negotiate a renovation with Facilities Management at no cost. That means we were able to have the lab floor replaced (requiring asbestos abatement), and the walls repainted. The last phase included:

  • Removal of existing tile, including asbestos abatement
  • Installation and sealing of new flooring
  • Wall prep and paint
  • Purchase of new student desks, including an ADA station
  • Purchase of new computers, including a new instructor computer
  • Installation of new computers
  • Roll-out of new image by the Division of IT


If you have any questions about our newly renovated lab, please contact our desk manager, Joe Robertson (