Mobile Computing for Benjamin Classrooms

COLLEGE PARK, MD (October, 2014) – Do you have a need for a different approach to teaching when it comes to involving your students in active learning? Integrating computing devices into your teaching practices can help your students analyze information in a number of different ways. That is why ETS is offering the “Technology In Motion” (TIM) lab cart for just such a purpose. You could have your students perform online research, access their online ELMS course, video conferencing sessions, or for interactive student collaboration. The TIM cart offers a compact, convenient, and exciting way to bring the latest technology tools into any Benjamin Building classroom.

ETS Mobile Cart

The TIM cart is a secure, mobile, storage and charge laptop system available to College of Education faculty and staff for instructional purposes. It is comprised of 30 13-inch Apple MacBook Air laptops with an optional instructor laptop.

Faculty of the College may reserve the TIM Cart or request training and assistance from the ETS technology desk. To reserve the cart, please login and use our online form: or, you can contact the desk directly to make a reservation or arrange training.