Webex, A New Videoconferencing Tool

WebEx is an enterprise videoconferencing tool, powered by Cisco systems, officially launched to the campus community on October 31st. It is fully integrated into campus’s Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS) - currently on Canvas - but can also be used outside of ELMS. This application supplements other campus enterprise videoconferencing options such as Adobe Connect and Google Hangouts.

Some features of Webex

  1. Using the common platform of ELMS, instructors and students will be able to communicate and collaborate more effectively synchronously and asynchronously.
  2. Participants have the option of calling into a conference phone number.
  3. Maximum number of connected devices for a WebEx session is 1, 000.
  4. You may view recordings via a web link or download the files for storage on various devices.
  5. Students may interact with other students regardless of their location within a course.

Further information and training

If you are a College of Education faculty or staff member interested in learning more about Webex and its additional uses, please feel free to contact ETS’s learning technology specialist:

Rosalia Reyes-Webb
0223 Benjamin Building

Finally, the Division of IT has provided self-guided training material on their knowledge base at: