Translational Research in Instruction, Intervention, and Implementation Lab (TRI3-LAB)

Join Our Team

Tri3-Lab is always looking for new people to join our Team! 

Group photo in front of Benjamin Building Sign

Students working in the TRI3-Lab have the opportunity to be involved in several ongoing research projects centered around understanding the relations between young children's behavior, language skills, classroom management and behavior supports, supporting teachers and speech-language pathologists, and peer social relationships. Specifically, current projects include school-based data collection and analysis, mixed methods studies, adaptive intervention designs, professional development, and meta-analysis. Working on these projects, research assistants will have the opportunity to participate in data entry, coding, analysis, and interpretation, as well as join a positive, motivated team. Additionally, research assistants will participate in weekly project meetings with research staff as well as potential opportunities to participate in conference presentations and manuscript writing.

We are always looking for undergraduate volunteers, and undergraduates looking to do research for course-credit. Additionally we sometimes have work study positions and paid GA positions that come up. 

Please reach out to to tell her a little more about yourself and why you want to be involved in our lab if you are interested in hearing about current opportunities.