My research focuses on how low-income Latino parents support their young children’s socioemotional development, particularly emotional and behavioral regulation, through everyday parent-child interactions. I am also interested in identifying protective factors among Latino families that can be used to promote family well-being.

I am currently a third-year doctoral student in the Human Development program. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from New York University and my Master of Arts in Human Development from Teachers College, Columbia University. Through my previous work as a research assistant at NYU's Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education and as a research coordinator at NYU Langone Health, I became interested in the role that culture plays in shaping children’s early experiences. My research interests include how Latino immigrant parents promote their young children’s socioemotional development through everyday activities, as well as how parents’ documentation status affects parent-child interactions.

University of Maryland Flagship Fellowship (2019-2024)