Graduate Student Organization


2017 - 2018 Academic Year

Dear College of Education Graduate Students,

Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 academic year.  Congratulations to new students on the start of your journey as a graduate student here at the University of Maryland!  Congratulations to returning students on your continued studies and research! 

The executive board of the Graduate Student Organization this year includes Erin Janulis as President; Julia Barlis as Vice-President; Nicole Gosnell as Secretary-Treasurer; and Judy Foster as GSO faculty advisor.  We are honored to be serving in these positions and are looking forward to many informative, thought provoking, and community-building events this year. 

The GSO has three main goals for this year: 1) Build community amongst graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and alumni; 2) Provide professional development and networking opportunities for graduate students; 3) Use our organization to bring a critical and self-reflective perspective to our work in education.

Hopefully you were able to attend our first event, the Graduate Student Welcome Fair, which featured organizations from around the campus, and introductory remarks by Dean Jennifer King Rice and the chairs of each department. The event featured more than 25 organizations, centers, and groups to better connect you to the diverse offerings and resources on campus. This year the fair also included a Q&A breakout session which gave new students an opportunity learn from current students.

This year we are looking forward to hosting a number of events, including guest speakers, professional development and networking opportunities, and lastly the annual Student Research Symposium.  Look out for other exciting events as well!

Again, congratulations on the start of the school year, and we look forward to engaging with you throughout the fall and spring semester. Please reach out to any of us if you have ideas on how we can better support you this year.


Erin Janulis, TLPL,  President
Julia Barlis, CHSE, Vice-President
Nicole Gosnell, CHSE, Secretary-Treasurer
Judy Foster, GSO Faculty Advisor

The College of Education (COE) Graduate Student Organization (GSO) started during the 2012-2013 academic year. Each year a new GSO Executive Board is selected, through a nomination and election process, held in April with members taking office May 1st and serve a one year commitment. The first meeting is held the beginning of May.

The GSO held the Fifth annual College of Education Graduate Student Welcome Fair on August 23, 2017 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.  

Please visit and like our facebook page to view pictures from events. Also, check back for updates, events, and important information for graduate students.

»GSO Constitution

College of Education Graduate Student Organization Constitution


»GSO Officers and Representatives

Current College of Education 2017-2018 Graduate Student Organization Executive Board Members and Representatives:

Executive Board Members:
President - Erin Janulis, TLPL
Vice President - Julia Barlis, CHSE
Secretary/Tresurer -  Nicolee Gosnell, CHSE
CHSE Representative  - Anna Ross
CHSE Representative - Kristen Frese
TLPL Representative - Erin Hogan
TLPL Representative - Hannah Jardine
HDQM Representative - Yuting Sun
HDQM Representative - Doreann Renzi

Previous College of Education 2016-2017 Graduate Student Organization Executive Board Members and Representatives:

Executive Board Members:
President -  Diana Bowen, TLPL
Vice President -  Angela Stoltz, TLPL
Secretary/Tresurer - Erin Hogan, TLPL
CHSE Representative -  Shannon Jeffries
CHSE Representative -  Antoninette Goldthrite
TLPL Representative - Kristin Sinclair
TLPL Representative - Erin Janulis

Previous College of Education 2015-2016 Graduate Student Organization Executive Board Members and Representatives:

Executive Board Members:
President – Alice Cook, TLPL
Vice President – Nana Brauntuo, TLPL
Secretary-Treasurer  Jennifer Lee, CHSE
CHSE Representative - Erin Clancy
CHSE Representative - Allison LaFave 
TLPL Representative -Angela Stoltz
TLPL Representative - Diana Bowen
HDQM Representative - Nicole Brooke
HDQM Representative - Emily Daubert

2014-2015 Graduate Student Organization Executive Board Members and Representatives:

Executive Board Members:
President – Megan Finney, CHSE
Vice President – Matt Aruch, CHSE
Secretary-Treasurer  Jonathan O'Loughlin, CHSE
CHSE Representative - James Welch
CHSE Representative - Aggie Hu 
TLPL Representative - Natalia Guzman
TLPL Representative - Alice Cook
HDQM Representative - Christie Lillard 
HDQM Representative - Courtney Hattan

2013-2014 Graduate Student Organization Executive Board Members and Representatives:

Executive Board Members:
President – Ijeoma Ezeofor, CHSE
Vice President – Lesley Sand, HDQM
Secretary-Treasurer  Megan Finney
CHSE Representative - Candice Staples
CHSE Representative - Ranga Atapattu 
TLPL Representative - Kun Chen 
TLPL Representative - Michael Neel 
HDQM Representative - Lauren Singer 
HDQM Representative - Emily Rosenzweig

First College of Education 2012-2013 Graduate Student Organization Executive Board Members and Representatives:

Executive Board Members:
President  –  Kathleen Hoyer, TLPL
Vice President –  Carl Morrow, CHSE 
Secretary-Treasurer –  Sachi Edwards, CHSE 
CHSE Representative - Jennifer Johnson
 CHSE Representative - Ijeoma Ezeofor 
TLPL Representative - Eleonor Castillo
TLPL Representative - Akshay Gandhi 
HDQM Representative - Matt Hart
HDQM Representative - Alexandra List

Hello from the College of Education's Graduate Student Organization (CoE GSO)!

We are currently gearing up for the annual Welcome Fair on Wednesday, August 23, 2017.  The event will begin at 3:00pm in the Benjamin Building Courtyard with introductions and welcome from Dean and Department Chairs.  Please plan on visiting the college and campus resource booths and enjoy the ice cream social.

Welcome Fair 2016

Thanks for helping us make our 2016 Welcome Fair a huge success-- over 150 faculty and students participated in the event! This year's event featured over 25 campus organizations, centers, and groups as well as a short opening program featuring our department chairs and Dean.

We would appreciate your feedback to improve our future Welcome Fair programming and get a sense of what kind of events you would like to see us sponsor this upcoming year. Please complete the short feedback survey.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our emails and flyers advertising our future events... We're looking forward to an exciting 2017-2018 academic year!



If you have any questions or concerns for the GSO, please contact us via email at