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Step-by-Step Graduation, Advanced Graduate Specialist (AGS)

All forms submitted in support of graduation will require approval of the advisor and the Program Director of Graduate Studies.  Completed forms are to be submitted to the Student Services Graduate Studies Office, room 1204 Benjamin Building for review and approval of the Associate Dean of the College of Education.


Advanced Graduate Specialist Certificate Steps

Registration is required in the semester of graduation, including one of the summer sessions if completing the Certificate requirements in August.

[Hide]A.G.S Program Planning

Please consult with your advisor to develop your program of study to determine the course work requirements for the certificate.  

The Advanced Graduate Specialist (A.G.S.) Certificate of Completion Form is a list of the required coursework and is due early in the semester that the certificate is to be awarded.   When the A.G.S. Certificate of Completion Form is completed, it is signed by the advisor and the Program Director of Graduate Studies and is to forwarded to the College of Education, room 1204 Benjamin.



Comprehensive Examination

The College of Education requires that the advanced graduate specialist student complete a comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination is developed and administered by the program. Please check directly with your Program Graduate Coordinator for applications, processes, and deadlines.

[Hide]Semester of Completion

File the required forms by the published deadlines in Important Deadline Dates.  Please keep in mind that all forms must be advisor and program approved prior to submission to the Graduate Student Services Office in Education, so allow extra time to meet the deadlines.

Coursework used toward the A.G.S. program must reflect a minimum of 60 credit hours (Programs may require more) with one-half taken at the 600-level or above. Thirty credits must be taken at the University of Maryland. If coursework from an outside institution will be used toward the A.G.S. requirements, each individual course must also be listed on the Certificate of Completion Form. An official transcript for coursework from an outside nstitution, that is used toward the A.G.S. course requirements, must be on file with the University of Maryland, College of Education, Graduate Student Services, Room 1204 Benjamin Building, College Park, MD  20742-1121


The College of Education will request graduates to file an Exit Survey in the semester of graduation.  Graduates will receive, by e-mail, instructions and passwords in order to file the survey on-line. This survey information is used to determine how education programs can be improved. Your participation in the survey is important to the College as it enables us to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, this survey gives you the opportunity to assess your professional competence and to evaluate the University of Maryland's performance in preparing this important endeavor.


If you are a graduating international student, and are on an F-1 Visa, you must comply with Sevis Regulations that are monitored by the International Student and Scholar Services Office Office on campus. As part of the regulations you must file the F-1 Exit Plan Form before you complete your program requirements. This form will require your advisor's signature.

[Hide]Additional Requirements


  • Satisfy any provisional admission conditions or conditions of enrollment.
  • Stay within the 5-year time-frame awarded to complete degree requirements. If you go beyond the 5-year time frame, be sure to submit the Request for Time Extension the semester prior to your time-out date.

Complete all coursework and any requirements of the Certificate Program