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Secondary Education, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.): English Area of Concentration

The English Area of Concentration program is designed for students seeking certification to teach English (English Language Arts) in grades 7-12. The curriculum includes a range of courses that provide students with the content that they need to teach English (English Language Arts) – World, British, American, and Minority literature; communication, rhetoric, and language and linguistics. Completion of the English and professional education courses with field experiences in diverse school settings results in the awarding of a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with a double major in English and English Education. The program also meets the teaching certification or licensure requirements for the State of Maryland and most other states. 

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Once admitted to the University, students in the College of Education must meet the Selective Admissions requirements in order to proceed into the Professional portion of the English Education program.  The Selective Admissions requirements for the English Education program are as follows:

Academic Requirements

  • Completion of a minimum of 45 credits
  • Cumulative UM GPA of 2.75 or higher; 3.0 GPA is recommended for best consideration
  • Completion of lower-level Fundamental English requirement with a “C-” or better
  • Completion of lower-level Fundamental Math requirement with a “C-” or better
  • Minimum passing scores on a Basic Skills Tests (see advisor for details)

Gateway Courses

  • Satisfactory completion of EDCI 416  with a “B-” or better
  • Satisfactory completion of the upper level content area courses.  Consult Advisor for content area GPA requirement.

Experiential Requirements

  • A resume that shows prior experience in the education field with youth in the age range you intend to teach
  • A written goal statement
  • Three letters of recommendation (one must be from a faculty member or instructor)
  • Satisfactory rating on the College of Education Foundational Competencies

STEP ONE: Apply for undergraduate admission to the University.  

       Once admitted to the University, proceed to Step Two.

STEP TWO:  Please submit your application to the Professional Teacher Education Program online.

Please contact the Office of Student Services,, or 301-405-2364.


For more information visit the COE Undergraduate Advising website.

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Secondary Education, English Area of Concentration

Program Notes: 

~ Some courses for the major may also count toward the General Education requirements.

~ **All students must complete two Distributive Studies courses that are approved for I-series courses.

~ The Understanding Plural Societies and Cultural Competence courses may also fulfill Distributive Studies categories.

Year 1

Secondary Education, English Area of Concentration, Year 1

ENGL 101: Academic Writing*3Natural Science with Lab (NL)**4
Math (MA)*3ENGL 301: This is English: Fields and Methods3
History/Social Science (HS)3ENGL 280: The English Language**3
Foreign Language (See ARHU advisor for Details)3Foreign Language (See ARHU advisor for Details)3

ENGL 201: Inventing Western Literature: Ancient and Medieval Traditions or

ENGL 202: Inventing Western Literature:  Renaissance to Modern

3COMM 107: Oral Communication: Principles and Practices3
Total Credits15Total Credits16

Benchmark Requirements: AW with C- or higher; MA with C- or higher; * Must attempt by 30 cr.

Year 2

Secondary Education, English Area of Concentration, Year 2

COMM 230: Argumentation and Debate,

COMM 330:  Argumentation and Public Policy,

COMM 383: or

COMM 402: Communication Theory and Process

3Natural Science (NS)**3
TLPL 360: Foundations of Education3Scholarship in Practice #1 (SP)**3
Analytic Reasoning (AR)3Shakespeare3
British/American Literature3

ENGL 487:  Principles and Practices of Rhetoric ,

COMM 360: The Rhetoric of Black America,  or COMM 453: The Power of Discourse in American Life


British/American Literature

Total Credits15Total Credits15

Benchmark Requirements: ENGL 301, Take Test of Basic Skills

Year 3

Secondary Education, English Area of Concentration, Year 3

TLPL 451: Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education: English (Fall only)3TLPL 452: Bases for English Language Instruction (Spring only)3
EDHD 413: Adolescent Development3TLPL 457: Literature for Adolescents3
Women/Minority Studies3EDHD 426: Cognitive and Motivational Literacy Content3
British/American Literature3

ENGL 391: Advanced Composition or

ENGL 393: Technical Writing**

British/American Literature3American Literature3
Submit Application to Professional Education Program  
Total Credits15Total Credits15

Benchmark Requirements: TLPL 451 with B- or higher

Year 4 

Secondary Education, English Area of Concentration, Year 4

Program Requirements and Major Four Year Plans

Yearlong Internship
TLPL 456: Teaching Writing (Fall only)3TLPL 478x: Professional Seminar in Education: English (spring)1
TLPL 479C: Field Experience in Education: English Education1TLPL 489x: Internship in Secondary Schools: English12
TLPL 462: Reading in the Secondary School3TLPL 480: Teaching Academically, Culturally, and Linguistically Diverse Students in Secondary Education2
ENGL 400-level elective3
British/American 3  
Total Credits16Total Credits15

Total Credits for Degree: 121-125

Dr. Wayne Slater, TLPL, 2311 Benjamin Bldg.

Ph: (301) 405-3128


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