Alison Jovanovic serves as the Social Studies Program Coordinator and Professional Development Site Coordinator for Social Studies Education, where she oversees the internship experience for the undergraduates, teaches the corresponding seminar and methods courses, maintains relationships and training for community partners, and is the project coordinator the UMD Difficult History Project: Teaching with Primary Sources.  In addition, Alison serves at the Co-Coordintor for Secondary/Middle School/K-12 Education.  Alison joined the University of Maryland in 2011, originally as a field supervisor.

In 2005, Alison completed her Master of Science in Education Administration and Supervision from Johns Hopkins University. She received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland in 1998, with a degree in Secondary Social Studies Education. Early in her career, she worked for Montgomery County Public Schools as a classroom teacher.

Middle States Council of Social Studies Harry J. Carmen Award for outstanding achievement in Social Studies research, teaching, or other professional excellence, 2020

UMD College of Education Excellence in Teaching Award, 2018

UMD Teacher Innovation Grant: ReImagining the Internship and Seminar Experience for Secondary/K-12/MS

UMD Difficult History Project, Library of Congress Grant

TLPL 470: Knowledge, Reasoning, and Learning in Secondary Social Studies

TLPL 471: Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment in Social Studies

TLPL 478B: Student Teaching Seminar in Secondary: Social Studies

TLPL 479B: Field Experience in Secondary Social Studies