1. Disability; 2. Transition; 3. Employment; 4. Career Development, 5. Special Education, 6. Inclusive Higher Education

Meredith Gramlich, MA

Center for Transition and Career Innovation (CTCI)

Ms. Gramlich is a Senior Faculty Specialist at the Center for Transition and Career Innovation (CTCI) at the University of Maryland. She is the Coordinator for TerpsEXCEED, UMD’s inclusive post-secondary education program. She has a master's degree in Transition Special Education, Secondary Vocational Programming and Business-Education Partnerships, and teacher certification from George Washington University. Meredith brings extensive experience promoting business-education partnerships, work-based learning opportunities, customized employment solutions, and model transition services.  Throughout her career she has provided training, technical assistance, and direct service to facilitate competitive integrated employment for youth and adults with disabilities for model demonstration projects including Way2Work Maryland, Maryland PROMISE, Maryland Customized Employment Partnership, Maryland Transition Initiative, and Bridges... from School to Work. Meredith began her career promoting creative strategies for independence with her sister who lives in a supported living situation and worked for 30 years in a customized, community-based job.

Meredith Gramlich, MA
Senior Faculty Specialist
Center for Transition and Career Innovation (CTCI)
Coordinator, TerpsEXCEED
College of Education | University of Maryland, College Park

Watson Fellow, 1990 


Moving Maryland Forward

Way2Work Maryland

Maryland PROMISE

Maryland Customized Employment Partnership

Maryland Transition Initiative



CHSE 389, TerpsEXCEED Independent Study, Spring 2022, Co-teaching with Amy D'Agati

CHSE 200, College Success and Life Planning, Fall 2021, Co-teaching with Amy D'Agati

Summer 2, Co-Teaching with Ellen Fabian, EDCP 668A, IH14 (3 cr) course during summer session II.  Course dates are 7/11/2018 to 8/17/2018; 7/8/2019 to 8/16/2019.