Research focus: Social Justice, addressing the opportunity gap & educational debt; Restructuration of non-STEM content disciplines (civics, arts, humanities, social sciences) through critical data science & computational literacies, and constructionist computation using game-based learning (GBL), for grades 5-8.

I am a 3rd yr PhD student at University of Maryland, College of Edu, Dept of TLPL, in the Tech, Learning (Sciences), Leadership program.

Aspiring to change the world, one mind at a time through education & technology. Viewing 21st century K-12 education with an impressionistic mindset & through a critical gender lens (to develop inter sectional feminist minds).

As a Quantified Teacher, I leverage my software & data analytics background to design new digital learning experiences using Digital Learning Platforms, that lead to improved learning outcomes through effective engagement (game mechanics) & improved teaching effectiveness.

I care deeply about improving student agency of girls (especially native AfAm, Latinx, & indigenous) , & increasing the participation of women in science & technology fields. I actively encourage & teach girls in urban environments to pursue a career in science, technology & social entrepreneurship. I have taught Math & CS for 3 years in urban classrooms in Boston, MA & at a rural school in Nyamata, Rwanda.

In my previous career I was an enterprise software professional managing analytical applications.  I have an MBA from the Booth School of Business @ the University of Chicago and undergraduate degrees from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

Conference Presentations, Invited Talks, & Workshops


Kuriakos, N., (2020). Authentic Data Science For The Middle Grades – Unschooled, Creative and Engaging Framework for a New Normal, HCIL 2020 Symposium, College Park, MD, USA.

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Kuriakos, N., (2019). Ready Learner One – A Computational Thinking Operationalization Framework, Poster presentation at 4th Annual Learning Sciences Graduate Student Conference, Evanston, IL, USA/

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HESI 215 Introduction to Leadership

HESI 221 Leadership, Poweri, & Priviledge

HESI 315  Student Leadership in Grouups & Organizations

HESI 418E Strengths Based Leadership