Research interests include K -12 literacy instruction, including critical literacy and how to support the learning of all students, how identity shapes literacy practices and learning for teachers and students, the role of discourse in literacy development, and teacher education & inquiry.

Shannon M. Kane (Ed.D) is an Assistant Clinical Professor in Teaching Learning, Policy, and Leadership at The University of Maryland, where her work focuses on literacy and teacher preparation/development. She began her career in international development, focusing on women and education, before joining the DC Teaching Fellows inaugural cohort.  Dr. Kane has worked as a teacher in traditional public and public charter schools in Washington, DC.  She has also worked as an instructional coach, curriculum writer, professional developer/consultant, school leader, teacher-researcher, and adjunct professor.  Dr. Kane holds a doctorate in Reading, Writing & Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania and Master's degrees in International Development and Elementary Education/TESOL.  Her research interests include K-12 literacy instruction, including critical literacy; the development of elementary teachers as literacy practitioners; the influence of identity on literacy practices; classroom discourse and literacy development; and technology & literacy pedagogy/development.

Clinical Practice Fellow, Association of Teacher Educators. Fellowship: Research/Scholarship. (January 2024)

Ralph C. Preston Award for Scholarship & Teaching Contributing to Social Justice and Education Equity (University of Pennsylvania)


Kane, S., & Hiltabidel, J. (2023). Shifting Practices to Empower Teachers and Students: Putting the “Critical” in Language Awareness. In S.L. Finley, P. Correll, C. Pearman & S. Huffman (Eds.), Cultivating Critical Discourse in the Classroom (pp. 20-40). IGI.

Kane, S., "MILEstone Reading Clinic for Hollywood & Kingsford Elementary Schools" Sponsored by Board of Education, Prince George’s County, $247,504.36. (August 1, 2023 – July 31, 2024).

Kane, S., Jones, L., Peterson, M. P., "Bridging Theory & Practice: Leveraging Technology to Create Immersive and Engaging Learning Opportunities for Preservice Elementary Teachers" Sponsored by Teaching and Learning Transformation Center, $42,000.00.

TLPL 340: Introduction to Children's Literature & Critical Literacy 

TLPL 341: Assessing Language and Literacy Development in Diverse Elementary Classrooms

TLPL 342 Promoting Skilled and Motivated Readers in Diverse Elementary Classrooms (Part 1)

TLPL343: Promoting Skilled and Motivated Readers in Diverse Elementary Classrooms (Part 2)

TLPL344: Culturally Responsive Language & Literacy Instruction in Diverse Elementary Classrooms

TLPL 461 IH60: Promoting Skilled and Motivated Readers in Diverse Elementary Classrooms (Part 2)

TLPL 641: Reading, Cognition & Instruction: Reading in the Content Areas

TLPL 647: Diagnostic Reading/Literacy Assessment & Instruction in Elementary Classrooms

TLPL 660: Foundations of Literacy & Biliteracy Development