Student leadership development, college student generational cohorts, leadership and futures issues in student affairs administration.

Susan R. Komives is Professor Emerita of Student Affairs at the University of Maryland. She is immediate past president of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education and a former President of the American College Personnel Association. She served as Vice President of two colleges and is the author of a dozen books or monographs including Student Services, Exploring Leadership, Leadership for A Better World, and the Handbook for Student Leadership Development. She was a member of the teams that wrote Learning Reconsidered and the ensemble that developed the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. She is a co-founder of the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs, a former senior scholar with the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership, and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Leadership Association. She is the 2011 recipient of the University of Maryland Board of Regent’s Award for Faculty Teaching and the NASPA Shaffer Award for Academic Excellence as a graduate faculty member. A recipient of both the ACPA and NASPA outstanding research and scholarship awards, her research includes a grounded theory on Leadership Identity Development and the international Multi-institutional Study of Leadership. She is the 2012 recipient of the ACPA Life Time Achievement Award.