ETS Brownbag: New Quizzes in Canvas

Online via Zoom

ETS September 2023 Brown bag Discussion/Demonstration

New Quizzes in Canvas

Canvas Rockets Icons

Overview of the New Quizzes Tool in Canvas
Advantages of using New Quizzes compared to Old Quizzes

Creating a New Quiz
Choosing quiz settings such as quiz type, points, time limits, and more
Adding quiz instructions and descriptions

Question Types
Explanation and demonstration of different question types available in New Quizzes, such as multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, matching, etc.

Quiz Flow and Navigation:
How to control the order of questions and sections within a quiz.
Setting up prerequisites, such as requiring certain scores to access subsequent sections.

Grading and Feedback:
Overview of how quizzes are graded within New Quizzes.
Providing feedback to students, both immediate and delayed

Practice and Preview:

Importing and Exporting Quizzes:
How to import existing quizzes from Classic Quizzes into New Quizzes.
Exporting quizzes for backup or sharing with other instructors.

This workshop/demonstration is open to COE faculty, staff, and graduate assistants.


Rosalia K. Reyes-Webb


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