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Emotions, Equity, & Education Lab

EEE Toolboxes, Manuals, and Resources

Through our research and collaborations, we have created a number of toolboxes, manuals, and other resources that we hope can be helpful to parents, educators, and researchers alike! 


Student Engagement Toolbox

This handy and accessible toolbox contains several effective, simple, clear and easy-to-use strategies to promote student engagement.
Coverpage of Student Engagement Toolbox

Resilient Emotions Magic Toolbox 

Click the image to the right for a downloadable version of the Resilient Emotions toolbox that you can use at home or in school:
Coverpage of Resilient Emotions Magic Toolbox
We also invite you to explore and share whats in YOUR magic toolbox! Click the image to the right for a downloadable coloring sheet and activity: 
Coloring sheet with a toolbox that asks "what's in your toolbox."
Click the image to the right for a video demonstrating how to use the resilient emotions magic toolbox! Begin at 15:40. 
Resilient emotions magic toolbox screenshot

Hurdler Handout

This is a great tool for targeted goal setting! 
screenshot of goal setting handout

Culturally Responsive Grit Consultation Manual 

This manual this manual guides psychologists in collaborating with teachers to implement grit interventions for students.
culturally responsive manual screenshot