Center for Early Childhood Education and Intervention (CECEI)

Evaluation of Maryland’s Preschool Development Expansion Grant Program

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In 2014, Maryland was one of 18 states awarded federal Preschool Expansion Grants, designed to expand public preschool opportunities to more low and moderate-income children and their families. This project examined the reach, impact, and overall satisfaction with Maryland's pre-kindergarten expansion efforts. CECEI’s evaluation addressed a range of questions related to the effectiveness of the preschool expansion from both a descriptive and an explanatory perspective.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Elisa Klein  Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Brenda Jones Harden Investigator: Dr. Christy Tirrell-Corbin  Funder: Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Early Childhood (pass through funds from the U. S. Department of Education)