Bilingual education, Anti-racist education, BlackCrit, Race, Equity, Language and literacy, Language education policy

Evelyn is a current doctoral student in the Applied Linguistics and Language Education program. She takes a critical approach to her study of African American students' language and literacy practices in dual language French/English bilingual education programs. Evelyn aims to ground her work in students' experiential knowledge to inform not only pedagogy and practice that is culturally sustaining and humanizing, but also equitable language education policies created with African American students at the forefront.

Prior to starting her doctoral journey, Evelyn worked in the healthcare consulting sector for Optum Serve Consulting (part of United Health Group) where she engaged in research and analysis, technical assistance, and community outreach efforts on behalf of federal, state, and local clients. Evelyn holds a BA in French and Political Science from Grinnell College.

When she is not studying, Evelyn likes to take long walks, tend to her house plants (and look for more), and visit musuems.

Always happy to meet new people and dialogue about ideas, interests, experiences, and opportunities so please don't hesitate to reach out! (

Language Science Fellows Program (2021-Present)

Language Science Fellows (LSF) are a community of engaged graduate students training to become innovative, adaptable leaders in language science. They come from a range of departments and disciplinary backgrounds, and have a wide range of research and career goals. But they do have some goals in common:

  • to develop a research program that integrates theory and/or methods from multiple disciplines;

  • to take control of their graduate training, and learn skills not offered by their home department;

  • to collaborate and work as a member of a diverse team;

  • to change their community (educational, scientific, social, or civic) for the better.