Graduate Studies Forms

Listed below are forms that you may use as you advance through your program as a graduate student in the College of Education.

The forms listed below are published by the College of Education.  For Graduate School forms visit their webpage.

Forms Published by the College of Education:
Advisor Change Form | Deans Representative Role Form | Doctoral Approved Program Form | Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Form |  Exit Survey, College of Education | EDMS Course Equivalency |  Comprehensive Examination Application

Foundational Competencies Policy/MCEE  | Graduate Studies Registration/Adjustment Petition  | Oral Announcement | Provisional Removal | Seminar Paper Title Format | Graduate School Forms

Advisor Change Form

Advisor Change form

Deans Representative Role Form

Dean's Representative Role 
Doctoral Approved Program Form

Doctoral Approved Program Form
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Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Form 

Dissertation Proposal Form is signed by a minimum of three committee members approving the proposed dissertation study. The advisor and the student should discuss who should serve as members of the committee. It is not necessary to seek official approval (by the Department, College or Graduate School) of the committee members prior to the proposal meeting. (However, please note that another similar committee form, the Nomination of the Dissertation Committee Form, is required prior to the FINAL oral defense that must have official approval by the Department, College, and Graduate School.) 

Note: Students undertaking research using human subjects will need to seek and obtain approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to starting their research.  What is an IRB?

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Exit Survey, College of Education

The College of Education will request graduates to file an exit survey.  In the semester of graduation, graduates will receive, by e-mail, instructions, and passwords in order to file the survey on-line. This survey information is used to determine how education programs can be improved. Your participation in the survey is important to the College as it enables us to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, this survey gives you the opportunity to assess your professional competence and to evaluate the University of Maryland's performance in preparing this important endeavor. 

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EDMS Course Equivalency Form

A EDMS Course Equivalency Form is used to request the review of previous coursework that may be equivalent to the required EDMS research course(s). Support documentation is required in addition to the form and must be reviewed by the Program of Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation (EDMS). EDMS coursework is only waived based on the approval of an equivalency review by the EDMS faculty. Advisors and programs have the right to deny a request for an equivalency review.
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Comprehensive Examination Application     

Students should check with their program/department for applications, processes, and deadlines.

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Foundational Compentencies Policy/MCEE
Foundational Competencies/MCEE.  All graduate students who are in an approved program leading to initial teacher certification, or advanced certification, in professional preparation programs are expected to demonstrate that they are prepared to work with children and youth in educational settings. This preparation results from the combination of successful completion of university coursework and field/internship experiences and the demonstration of important human characteristics and dispositions that all educators should possess. For a complete description of the policy and standards click on the link above.
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Graduate Studies Registration/Adjustment Petition Form

Registration/Adjustment Petition Form is used to request permission to register past the deadline, or to change your schedule for the current semester. Any requests for a late registration or adjustment of coursework for a previous semester are considered "historic" and must receive the approval of the Graduate School. For historic requests students must submit a different form titled  "Petition for Waiver of Regulation" published by the Graduate School. 
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Oral Announcement

This  Oral Announcement form is used to announce the date and meeting place of a doctoral student's final oral defense of the dissertation. This form is submitted to the program to which the student is admitted. Departments are responsible for publicizing the defense date among the faculty and students in the Department.   
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Provisional Removal Form 

Provisional Removal Formis in a memorandum format that advisors may use in order to remove a provisional admission/enrollment condition for a student once the condition has been met. Advisors may also create their own memorandum for removal of a condition if they choose.
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Seminar Paper Title Format

The Seminar Paper Title Form outlines how the title page of the seminar paper should be formatted. 
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Forms Published by the GRADUATE SCHOOL

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Important Deadlines for Graduating Students 
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