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Step-by-Step Graduation, Graduate Certificates

All forms submitted in support of graduation will require approval of the advisor and the Program Director of Graduate Studies.  Completed forms are to be submitted to the Student Services Graduate Studies Office, room 1204 Benjamin Building for review and approval of the Associate Dean of the College of Education.

Graduate Certificate Steps

Registration is required in the semester of graduation, including one of the summer sessions if completing the Certificate requirements in August.

[Hide]Coursework Program Planning

Please consult with your advisor to develop your program of study to determine the coursework requirements for the Certificate.  

The Certificate of Completion Form is a list of the required coursework and is due early in the semester that the certificate is to be awarded.   When the Certificate of Completion Form is completed, it is signed by the advisor and the Program Director of Graduate Studies and is forwarded to the College of Education, room 1204 Benjamin. 



Semester of Completion

File the required forms by the published deadlines in Important Deadline Dates.  Please keep in mind that all forms must be advisor and program approved prior to submission to the Graduate Student Services Office in Education, so allow extra time to meet the deadlines.

[Hide]International Students

If you are a graduating international student and are on an F-1 Visa, you must comply with Sevis Regulations that are monitored by the International Student and Scholar Services Office Office on campus. As part of the regulations you must file the F-1 Exit Plan Form before you complete your program requirements. This form will require your advisor's signature.

[Hide]Addtional Requirementss

  • Satisfy any provisional admission conditions or conditions of enrollment.
  • Complete all coursework and any other requirements of the Certificate Program.