Children Explore Their World for Three year Olds

Children Discovering Their World Curricula


“My students love CEW! … CEW gives them the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills through hands-on projects. Sometimes, my students are so excited about the unit, we are able to expand and extend to further their investigation through their interests. Our daily investigations allow us to have authentic experiences to solve real world issues that we face everyday.” 

- Samantha D., All About Kids

"The children are very engaged. The activities are child appropriate and provide children tons of opportunities to be creative and to celebrate individuality … My preschool parents are telling me that their children are putting the lesson by heart. They come home showing their independence by telling parents 'they can do things by themselves.’”

- Ma. Victoria C., Academy Child Development Center @ Stonemill

“I love how the curriculum lists everything you will need daily, how it shows you how each activity will help build the children's assessments with the SKB's and how it lets you expand or ease up on the activities for each child's needs … I have noticed how much more the children are learning as they are being taught through exploration and study.  They are excited about the different projects and they love the fun activities they get to try in each project. The projects really get the children involved and thinking!” 

- April D., Solomons Daycare Center

“My experience implementing the CEW curriculum has been really wonderful. The CEW projects for the different weeks are very exciting to read through and teach. The CEW projects are very meaningful. It keeps the children engaged, wondering and asking lots of questions about the different topics that are being taught.”

- Sonika W., Greenbelt Children’s Center