Children Explore Their World for Three year Olds

Children Discovering Their World Curricula

About CEW

Children Explore Their World (CEW) is an electronic curriculum for three-year-olds, published as an app for use on electronic devices such as iPads. CEW is part of the Children Discovering Their World (CDW) curricula series. 

CEW includes embedded online resources, such as videos and songs, as well as links to online resources and ideas that teachers can use to support children's questions and challenge their thinking. By using an iPad or other device, teachers have instant access to internet resources, can quickly document children's work with photo and video, can access the Maryland Early Assessment, and have the entire curriculum at their fingertips!

In each project of CEW, children ask questions, guide planning, explore and discover, and share their learning. Teachers model curiosity, observe chilren's level of understanding, and help them represent what they learned in different ways.