Research studies, historical and cultural dimensions of education policies and practices and how they impinged on the lives of children, youth, minority groups, and women, and the quality of education opportunities available to them.

2017-present    Cosmos Club, Washington DC

2006-2007    General Research Board Sabbatical Extension Grant, University of Maryland,     College Park

2005-2006    Distinguished Scholar Teacher, University of Maryland, College Park

2004    Imperial Order of the Rising Sun (Gold Rays with Rosette) conferred by the Japanese Foreign Ministry and the Imperial House of Japan for the advancement of U.S.-Japan understanding.

2004-1982    Directory of American Scholars, I: 

1997-1998    Woman of the Year, University of Maryland College Park.

1994-1995    Distinguished International Service Award, University of Maryland College Park.

l991-1992    Fellowship: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Senior Science Fellowship, University of Tokyo.

1989    American Educational Press Association Award for Distinguished Learned Article, "Rescuing Civic Learning: Some Prescriptions for the l990s," Theory into Practice. Autumn, 1988: 250-255.

l987    Recipient: Key to the City of Osaka for Mid-Atlantic Region Japan-in-the- Schools Program.

1985    Henry Allan Moe Prize for Excellence in the Arts, New York State Historical Society, for "The Schooling of American Childhood:1820-1920," a chapter in a prize-winning museum catalog, A Century of Childhood, prepared by the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum, Rochester, New York.

1982    Critics Choice Award: American Educational Studies Association for Regulated Children/Liberated Children: Education in Psychohistorical Perspective.
1977-1976    National Endowment for the Humanities: Independent Fellowship.