Educational Policy and School Reform, History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Civic Education, Educational Law

I am a scholar of educational policy, history, and philosophy. Although my work covers a broad chronological range, all of it centers on conflicting notions of democracy in American schools. My books include A is for Arson: A History of Vandalism in American Education (Cornell University Press, 2023), which explores the many meanings of property destruction; Spare the Rod: Punishment and the Moral Community of Schools (University of Chicago Press, 2021), in which Bryan Warnick and I examine the history and philosophy of school discipline; and The Fight for Local Control: Schools, Suburbs, and American Democracy (Cornell University Press, 2016), which examines the legal and political controversies around school district  boundaries. I am currently working on a biography of Philip H. Phenix, a philosopher and curricular theorist active during the 1960s. Other interests include civic education, educational law, and conservative educational thought.

Faculty / Student Research Award, University of Maryland (2023)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Spencer Foundation (2018-2020)

Research and Scholarship Award, University of Maryland (2018)




  • Scribner, C. F. & Burris, R. (in progress).  The adolescent philosophy of Philip H. Phenix.

  • Hutt, E. L. & Scribner, C. F. (in progress). School district consolidation and the role of the state attorney general, 1900-1940.

  • Dhingra, N. & Scribner, C. F. (2021). An Aristotelian defense of Affirmative Action: Alasdair MacIntyre, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Grutter v. Bollinger. Journal of Philosophy of Education.

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  • Scribner, C. F. (2019). Philosophical and historical perspectives on student boredom. Educational Theory 69 (5): 559-580.        

  • Scribner, C. F. (2017). American teenagers, educational exchange, and Cold War politics. History of Education Quarterly, 57 (4), 542-569.

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  • Scribner, C. F. (2012). “Make your voice heard”: Communism in the high school curriculum, 1958-1968. History of Education Quarterly, 52 (3): 351-369.


Invited Essays

  • Scribner, C. F. (forthcoming). The myth of local control. 23 Myths about the History of American Schools: What the Truth Can Tell Us, and Why It Matters. New York: Teachers College Press.
  • Scribner, C. F. (forthcoming). The challenge of boredom in education. Journal of the Philosophy of Education.
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TLPL 250: Philosophical Perspectives on Education

TLPL 681: History of Education

TLPL 682: Philosophy of Education

TLPL 673: Federal Education Policy

TLPL 767: Law, Equity, and Diversity

TLPL 788n: Conservative Educational Thought

TLPL 788x: Contested Control--School Choice, Localism, and Centralization