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Funding to Enhance the World Languages Chinese Teacher Education Program 2021 

       The fund of “Enhance the World Languages Chinese Teacher Education Program 2021”h was funded by the University and has been helping tremendously further Chinese language teacher development and expand the visibility of our program at the University.

      Since January, the World Languages Chinese Teacher Education Program” has organized six virtual language teaching seminars, a two-week winter institute for Chinese language teachers currently enrolled at the University of Maryland College Park and universities in China, and an in-person summer workshop of "Teaching the Chinese Language Using Films" participated by Maryland in‐service Chinese language teachers. These teacher participants are not only from many states across the nation but also from 24 countries in different continents (see the List of Participants’ Countries). The number of participants’ person-times for the Seminars is 375, Winter Institute I 728, and Winter Institute II 959, Summer Workshop 16. The instructors were composed by our university’s World Languages Education program faculty, national and international professional teacher educators who prepare Chinese language teachers, and K-12 experienced Chinese language teachers. A variety of topics on twenty-first-century Chinese language teaching were covered (see the List of PD Activities).

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