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Dr. Ebony Terrell Shockley Recognized at 2019 PTK Symposium


At the University of Maryland Office of Faculty Affairs’ 2019 Annual PTK Symposium celebrating professional track faculty, Dr. Ebony Terrell Shockley, associate clinical professor in the College of Education, was recognized with the Provost Excellence Award.

Initially launched in 2018, the symposium is an opportunity for UMD professional track (PTK) faculty to share, learn and network. 

The Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs presented Dr. Terrell Shockley with a Provost Excellence award for her research and work focused on increasing the ethnic and gender diversity of STEM professionals.

"My selection for an Excellence Award by the Provost's Office highlights the work to which I remain committed. As a proud fourth-generation educator, I strongly believe that education is the great equalizer," Dr. Terrell Shockley said.

"As I reflect on my great-grandfather who established a school a few miles east of the Alabama border during a very difficult time in our country's history, I'm reminded that education is a tool that should be used to break barriers and connect people across communities."

Dr. Terrell Shockley was also on of three faculty selected as a plenary speaker to share PTK success stories. During the panel she described her first year as a visiting assistant professor and director of the MCERT program. Once she discovered that uMD offered a professional track faculty career path, she decided to remain at UMD to pursue new career opportunities.

A group of PTK faculty organized the 2019 Symposium during which Dr. Terrell Shockley received her award. Her expertise is in teacher education, she studies the academic experience of marginalized learners, using her research to center their cultural, ancestral, and historically-divergent knowledge profiles. She is a faculty member in the College of Education's Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership.