Webinar: Visions of Black Liberation

College of Education Benjamin Professor Candace Moore presents "Visions of Black Liberation." This webinar highlights the importance of shifting a perspective on equity and inclusion to Black liberation in antiracism work through an international lens. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the complexities in implementing antiracism focused curriculum, programs, and services in education (primary, secondary and tertiary education) and the lessons learned in centering Black liberation in antiracist applications. 

Featured Speaker:
  • Tonija Hope, Director of the Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center, Howard University
  • Cierra Kaler-Jones, Ph.D., Executive Director of Rethinking Schools 
  • Fatiah Touray, Esq., Executive Director of Inclusion and Equity at NYU-Abu Dhabi 
  • Dawn Michelle Whitehead, Ph.D., Vice President of the Office of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community and Careers, American Association of Colleges and Universities
  • Jeanette Snider, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor, the Social Justice Alliance and Anti-Black Racism Initiative, UMD
  • Kwesi Sam, UMD College of Education Doctoral Candidate, President of the Graduate Students Association of Ghanaian Students, USA