The Adolescent Literacy and Professional Development Lab

Under the guidance of Dr. Jade Wexler, the Adolescent Literacy & Professional Development Lab is committed to improving literacy outcomes for adolescent readers, both with and without disabilities. In partnership with school districts, instructional leaders, and teachers, the lab studies and develops innovative ways of professional development and coaching designed to help teachers implement and sustain evidence-based literacy practices with fidelity. 

Meet The Team

The Adolescent Literacy & Professional Development Lab prides itself on working closely with students in designing and implementing research. Please click on the links below to learn more about the team at the lab.

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Current Projects

AIM Coaching with a Bullseye over the letter i
Project AIM is a four-year IES funded project designed to refine and evaluate an adaptive intervention coaching model that ensures long-term implementation of evidence-based literacy practices in middle school classrooms
AIM Coaching is a four-year OSEP funded project designed to increase availability of evidence-based technical assistance to improve literacy outcomes for secondary students with disabilities


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