PTP & Events Calendar

Holding a PTP position is a rewarding experience and fulfills the entire mandatory service point requirement for all parents. Please consider volunteering for one of these important positions.

PTP Position Descriptions


PTP Board of Directors

Evan McDonald, Keira Martone, Melekte Truneh (Secretary), Peng Qiong, Matthew Enekwe

2019-20 Officers
President Jacqueline Kautzer
Vice-President  Meghan Simpson
Treasurer Erin Hogan
Secretary Sam Jack
Room Representatives
Red Lenea Stocker
Orange  Susan Miller
Yellow Hilary Sazama
Green Christina Jack
Blue Jackie Madoo
Purple Patricia Bory 
Committee Chairs
Fall Welcome Picnic Jennifer Kilberg
"Families Read" Susan Miller
Fall Book Fair Lisa Hathaway
Fall Teacher Luncheon Margaret Bereano
Family Nights Out  Stacy Siegel
Major Fundraiser Tai Tsang & Ruby Sabina
Spring Teacher Luncheon Margaret Bereano
Green School Craig Beatty
Little Free Library Steward Keira Martone
Historian  Erin Janulis

PTP Minutes

June 22, 2020 ***  February 19, 2020 *** November 20, 2019 *** October 3, 2019 *** May 1, 2019 

All PTP meetings begin at 5:45 and offer free babysitting and pizza.

PTP Calendar

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