Child looking at plant

Center for Young Children (CYC)

Current Research Studies

Project on Children’s Language Learning (All classrooms - age 3+) – Lidz Research Group - This project involves two separate studies that your child may take part in. The first study involves your child watching several videos and asking Snuggles the Turtle some questions about the videos. Your child would also play computer games and play with a musical toy piano. Each of these two sessions will last about 15-20 minutes. The second study involves your child watching videos and filling in the missing parts of spoken sentences for about 15 minutes.

How Developing Cognitive Control Effects Processing of Passives - Huang Research Group - This study aims to understand how children learn the meaning of words and grammatical structures, and how they learn to use this information to interpret sentences in real time. The researchers will present spoken sentences and use eye-tracking methods for written words presented on a screen in order to understand language on a moment-to-moment basis. They are interested in learning how much of a sentence children need to hear to identify an item that is being described.

Parent & Child Decision-Making - Ramani Research Group - This studies primary aim is to examine influences on children’s and adult’s decision-making. The study will involve two sessions of activities for children as well as a short online survey for parents. For children, the first session will entail playing games with a researcher involving looking at pictures and making decisions about them. In the second session, children will play an academic game with a researcher. Children ages 3- to 8-years old are welcomed to participate in this project.