Maryland Assessment Research Center (MARC)

2004 MARC Conference

The following are the revised presentations given at the Value-added Conference at the University of Maryland, on Octobor 21st and 22nd. The one exception is the presentation by Dr. Webster, for which we don't have a copy of his power point slides. The full revised version of each of the papers (including the one by Dr. Webster) will appear in the book titled "Value-Added Models in Education: Theory and Applications." The book is in the process of being published and will come out prior to the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association on April 11, 2005. Copies will be available from the publisher at a booth in the exhibition hall or they can be obtained from:

JAM Press (
Maple Grove
P.O. Box 1283
MN 55311

Alban, Schatz, & Von Secker



Cunningham, & Stone

Doran, & Cohen


Bryk, & Ponisciak


Schmidt, Houang, & McKnight