Maryland Assessment Research Center (MARC)

2022 (Virtual) MARC Conference

The Twentieth Annual MARC Conference

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Psychometrics 

Conference will be hosted on Zoom, Nov. 3rd-4th, 2022

Live streaming video will be available online after the conference for repeated viewing.

Invited Presenters 

Presenter (affiliation)


Alina von Davier, Andrew Runge, Kevin Yancey, Yigal Attali, Geoff LaFlair, André Horie (Duolingo) The item factory: intelligent automation in support of test development at scale
Susan Lottiridge (Cambium) Applications of transformer neural networks in assessment, from item development to scoring
Jiangang Hao (Education Testing Service) Leveraging process data analytics, natural language processing and machine learning to support remotely proctored assessments

Andrew Lan (Universiyt of Massachusetts Amherst)

Data-driven item selection and generation in assessments and learning
Kimberly Swygert, Ian Micir (National Board of Medical Examiners) Keeping humans in the loop when implementing augmented intelligence solutions for common test development challenges

Kevin Yancey, Andrew Runge, JR Lockwood, Geoff LaFlair (Duolingo)

Estimating contextual word-level item parameters using BERT in an IRT framework

Xiaoming Zhai (University of Georgia)

Applying machine learning to assess next generation science learning
Fabian Zehner (Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education) Mending the mess babel has left us with: cross-lingual automatic coding in international large-scale assessments
Okan Bulut (University of Alberta) From adaptive testing to personalized adaptive testing: applications of machine learning algorithms

Qiwei He (Education Testing Service)         

Leveraging process data in large-scale assessments with sequence mining
Janice Gobert (Rutgers University) An AI-based platform for real time assessment, scaffolding, and alerting on students’ science practices.