2019 MARC Conference

The Nineteenth Annual MARC Conference

Enhancing Effective Instruction and Learning Using Assessment Data 

Theory and Practice (Nov. 7th-8th, 2019)

Located at the Adele H. Stamp Student Union, University of MarylandCollege ParkMD 20742

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(Live streaming video will be available online after the conference for repeated viewing)

  • Jointly supported by the Maryland State Department of Education and the Maryland Assessment Research Center.

  • This conference has invited speakers to present new and emerging models and methods for psychometric analysis and applications.


Presentation Schedule

November 7th (Thursday)

Morning Session I


Registration and Breakfast


Welcome and Comments

Hong Jiao (University of Maryland)


Technology enhanced formative assessment increases the efficacy of the homework review process

Kim Kelly & Neil Heffernan (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)


Improving assessment and instruction with process data and learning analytics

Mingyu Feng (WestEd)


Morning Session II


Using Assessment Data to Generate Individualized Learning Materials to Students: What We Learned from Developing the I-DAP

Ying Cheng  (University of Notre Dame) 


Evidence-based method for iterative online course engineering with students’ performance profile

Noboru Matsuda & Machi Shimmei (North Carolina State University)

12:00-1:00 Lunch  Grand Ballroom Lounge


November 7th (Thursday)

Afternoon Session I


A clinical-holistic approach to educational assessment for learning: Using multiple data sources and multiple methods.                

Joanna Gorin (Educational Testing Service)


Learning Progressions-based Assessments to Guide Classroom Practices in Mathematics: Sources and Considerations for Validity Evidence       

Leanne Ketterlin Geller (Southern Methodist University)


Afternoon Session II


Using Diagnostic Assessment Data to Advance Student Success: Results from the Diagnostic Assessment and Achievement of College Skills (DAACS) Project

Jason Bryer (Excelsior College) & Heidi Andrade (University of Albany)


Designing Score Reports to Maximize Validity and Instructional Usefulness

Karen Barton & Audra Kosh (Edmentum )

4:15-5:00 The Effects of a Formative Assessment Intervention on Student Understanding of Basic Mathematical Principles Julia Phelan (University of California, Los Angeles)


November 8th (Friday)

Morning Session I


Registration and Breakfast


Use of Learning Maps as an Organizing Structure for Formative Assessment

Neal Kingston (The University of Kansas )


A Balanced Approach to Using Assessment Data to Enhance Instruction

 Charlie DePascale  (Center for Assessment ,NCIEA)


Morning Session II


Leveraging ideas from adaptive testing to enhance adaptive learning: identifying features that work

Meirav Arieli Attali & Alina von Davier, ACT


Not All that Counts is Safe for Counting: Empirical Barriers to Collecting Learning Data for Assessment Purposes

Jacqueline P. Leighton (University of Alberta)


Closing Comments 

Robert Lissitz (University of Maryland)

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