Maryland PDS 2025 Project

Year-Long Teacher Internship Pilot Program

Be a part of redesigning the undergraduate internship experience


How would you like to be a part of re-imagining and redesigning the teacher internship at the University of Maryland? Now is your chance to be a part of the future of the College of Education! 

Who can apply?
  • Students currently enrolled in a PreK-12, middle school, or secondary certification pathway (Math, Science, MSMS, Social Studies, English, Art, World Languages)
  • Rising seniors admitted to the professional program and preparing to complete the year-long internship during the 22-23 academic year
As a participant in the pilot program, you are committing to:
  • Receiving tuition support for both the fall and spring semesters of your senior year (we will provide the exact amount during the info sessions)
  • Being placed with a mentor teacher in one of our local partner schools in PGCPS or MCPS 
    • Attend pre-service days at your internship placement site (*Please note: these days could be before the start of UMD classes)
    • Attend your internship placement for 1.5 days each week during the fall semester. 
    • Continue in your internship until the start of the winter break for your assigned district (PGCPS or MCPS). After your UMD classes are over, you will need to report to your internship placement as often as possible.
    • Attend your internship placement for the entire week during the spring semester.
    • Shadow different educators (e.g., ESOL, Special Education) once a month during the spring semester to learn about the different ways they support learners at your school and how they collaborate with various faculty and staff.
    • Collaboratively plan and strategize with peers at your internship placement site once a week during the spring semester.
  • In addition to your normal program coursework and certification requirements, you are committing to - 
    • Participate in two focus group meetings per semester
    • Complete weekly journal entries with prompts provided by the program faculty
What are the next steps?

For more information on the Year-Long Pilot Internship, please follow this link to our information session slideshow presentation: 

Contact Dr. Loren Jones at if you have any questions