Children Discovering Their World Curricula


Children washing babies

“The children are enjoying the Babies Project. They love talking about babies and when they were babies. A few of them have younger siblings, so they have a lot to add to our whole and small group discussions. … Our children are truly learning and bring tears to our eyes each day with new accomplishments.”

- Doreen O., Union Baptist Head Start







Children engaging in activity

“Loving the curriculum now that I have explored it and am acclimated. It really gets the kids engaged and thinking. The responses I get from them when they are team-discussing are amazing. … After 19 years of teaching, the growth I have seen in my short time with them so far is astounding.”

- Courtney B., Medfield Heights Elementary School




Child Pointing at Poster

“This is my second year using Children Study Their World, and I truly love the curriculum. All the information is right there at my fingertips. Everything from what to do in centers to what level things are in ELA. Lessons are laid out clearly and this makes my planning much easier.”

-April S., Ritchey’s Totlot Child Care Center




Children Identifying 5 Senses

"Months after learning about the human body, I am amazed at how my students are still using the vocabulary they learned and discussing what they know about their bodies."   

- Lynn B. M., Leeds Elementary School




Children Building Cardboard Bus

“When children are engaged in what they are learning, it becomes easier for them to become experts on the theme.”

-Michelle C., CentroNia





Human Body Diagram in Classroom

“The CSW curriculum provides my students with a variety of meaningful themes and activities that are engaging and continuously enriching their understanding of the world around them. The program has provided me, as an educator, with rich literature the children enjoy and both whole group and small group activities that allow me to have meaningful interactions with my students, while collecting the data needed to help see both their strengths and areas that need support. In addition, the CSW coach gave me not only support and ideas to implement the curriculum, but provided me with amazing suggestions in classroom management and essentially helping my instruction to be more meaningful.” 

- U.M., public school teacher