Bilingual and Biliteracy Research Lab

Research Projects

  • The development of statistical learning and its relationship to reading acquisition in a second language (2020- )
  • Self-teaching in orthographic learning among monolingual and English language learners (2017-, PI, Spencer Fundation )
  • Phonological preparation in Korean spoken word production (2017-2020 )
  • The influence of literacy experience on the development of phonological preparation in spoken word production (PI, NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, 2015-2017)
  • Training tonal awareness among Chinese as second language learners (NSF EAPSI Fellowship, 2014)
  • The influence of orthography on phonological preparation in spoken words (NSF IGERT Research Support to docotral student Chuchu Li, 2012-2014)
  • The use of segmentation cues in second language learners of English (PI, NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, 2013-2015)
  • Prosodic sensitivity in native English-speaking children: The utility of Chinese as a novel-language (PI, SPARC grant, 2011-2013)
  • Biliteracy development in Chinese and Korean children (PI, NIH/NICHD R01 grant, 2004-2011)
  • Stress sensitivity in Chinese-English and Korean-English bilingual adults (NSF IGERT Fellowship to doctoral student Candise Y. Lin, 2010-2012)
  • Learning to read Chinese as a new writing system (Co-PI, Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center, NSF grant, 2004-2007)
  • Learning Chinese-a tonal language (PI, Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center, NSF grant, 2005-2007)
  • Chinese-English biliteracy development (National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation post-doc fellowship, 2002-2004)