An experimenter and a child looking at a brain scan

Language, Experience, and Development (LEAD) Lab

Participate in a Study!

Thank you for your interest in LEAD lab studies! Our research depends on families like you helping to advance science, so that we can use that science to help children grow, learn, and LEAD our world.

We are currently recruiting for PLANES (Preschool Language and Neural Engagement Study). PLANES is a study for 3-year-old children that investigates how children’s early experiences influence their learning and brain development. Participation involves fun, kid-friendly brain imaging sessions at our lab on the UMD College Park campus and an easy home audio recording. Participants will earn up to $215 for completing the study, your child will get a picture of their brain to take home, and they will get to learn about neuroscience!

Please reach out to our lab email to express interest in participating or ask any questions. Someone from our team will be in touch soon! 

You can learn more about PLANES by reading our flyer below:

Flyer detailing the PLANES (Preschool Language and Neural Engagement Study) project