Temperament and Narratives Lab

Emotion Stories

What is Emotion Stories?

The Temperament and Narratives Lab at UMD has been working on a program for inhibited young children (4.5-6.5 years old) to help them learn more about their feelings and to learn strategies for reacting to novel social situations. Additionally, the program has a component that aims to help parents gain insight about their child's feelings of nervousness and gain a better understanding of the impact of their child's temperament. Rather than identifying emotion-based reactions to new situations as problematic, we want to promote insight about the role that emotions play in the lives of children and we want to provide ways to handle the emotions constructively. It is helpful to note that at this age it is not unusal to be apprehensive in novel social situations or when doing something for the first time and children can differ greatly in their responses to such uncertain situations. If you are interested in participating or want to learn more, please email us: temperamentlabumd@gmail.com.   We are happy to send more information or arrange for you to speak to a research team member.

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