A teacher reading with a group of students

Language and Literacy Research Center (LLRC)


Research-Practice Partnership Projects

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education Leadership Preparation grant from the Office of Special Education Programs, Project ProPELL, or Preparing Practice-based researchers with Expertise in Language and Literacy, is a 5 year training grant for a muiltidisciplinary doctoral training program. Visit our Research-Practice Partnership Projects page to learn more about Project ProPELL. 

School Partnerships

The Language and Literacy Research Center has the opportunity to develop research-practice partnerships focused on language and literacy in two large and diverse school districts in the state and, thereby, to be at the forefront of this trend to connect research and practice through mutualistic collaboration. The LLRC's school partnerships will build capacity in local school systems/communities by conducting high quality research to support the identification and dissemination of best practices. Visit our School Partnerships page to learn more. 

Affiliated Projects

The LLRC faculty member's affiliated projects bring together research from fields of language and literacy, general and special education, intervention, education policy, family engagement, and teacher preparation. Visit our Affiliated Projects page to learn more.