Maryland Assessment Research Center (MARC)

2005 MARC Conference



November 7 & 8, 2005

Colony Ballroom, Stamp Student Union

Maryland Assessment Research Center for Education Success**

University of MarylandCollege ParkMaryland 20742

Registration at 7:30 A.M.

Breakfast at 7:30 A.M.

First Presentation at 8:30 A.M., each day

This conference presents a variety of papers regarding the theory and application of Longitudinal (Growth) Modeling of Student Achievement.  It is hoped that this conference will be found to be stimulating to academics, psychometrics personnel, as well as to school practitioners who are concerned with the monitoring of student performance across time and the organization of schools to utilize this information to encourage maximizing student performance across time.   Concerns include statistical theory, estimation issues, and a variety of approaches to modeling that has direct application to this school problem.    NCLB has emphasized the status of Cross-sectional Cohorts through the analysis of AYP measures.  This is one approach to the problem of measuring school performance.   This conference is concerned with alternatives that will permit schools to model the performance of individual students with the hope that all students might eventually have their performance maximized as they progress through the school experience.  This goal requires the field to develop new ways to measure such progress and new ideas for the use of such measures by the schools.    We hope that this conference will contribute to the research base for this topic leading to applications that are more successful.



Models for Evaluating Grade-to-Grade Growth by Robert L. Smith & Wendy M. Yen

Growth Scales and Pathways by William D. Schafer & Jon S. Twing

Modeling Growth in Student Achievement: Psychometric Considerations, Communicating Growth, and Standards-based Application by Harold C. Doran

Measurement of Academic Growth of Individual Students Toward Variable and Meaningful Academic Standards by S. Paul Wright, William L. Sanders, & June C. Rivers

The(Sometimes Harsh) Reality of Longitudinal Student Achievement Modeling by J.R. Lockwood

Issues in the Implementation of Longitudinal Growth Models for Student Achievement by Joseph Stevens & Keith Zvoch

Bayesian Inference for Some Value-added Productivity Indicators by Yeow Meng Thum

Threats to the Validity of Measurement of Achievement Gains by Laura Hamilton, Daniel McCaffrey, &Daniel Koretz

Using Value Tables to Explicitly Value Student Growth by Richard Hill, Brian Gong, Scott Marion, Charles DePascale, Jennifer Dunn, & Mary Ann Simpson

Two Methodological Perspectives on the Development of Mathematical Competencies in Young Children: An Application of Continuous & Categorical Latent Variable Modeling by David Kaplan & Heidi Sweetman

Cross-Grade Scales in NAEP: Research and Real-Life Experience by Catherine A. McClellan, John R. Donoghue, Lydia Gladkova, & Xueli Xu

The hybrid success model:Theory and practice by G. Gage Kingsbury, & Martha S. McCall

IRT Models to Assess Change Across Repeated Measurements by James S. Roberts, & Qianli Ma

NCLB and Growth Models: In Conflict or in Concert? by Susan L. Rigney,&Joseph A. Martineau