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LiveText: Digital Notebook for Education Majors

The College of Education is using LiveText, an accreditation management system, which offers teacher candidates their own personal, digital workspace for authoring e-portfolios and other related documents.  LiveText is also used for self-assessments and limited course management. LiveText's convenient Personal File Manager provides students with unlimited storage space and labeling capabilities that make the task of file management much easier. LiveText will enable the college to access teacher candidate data for accreditation needs and to address program improvement issues in a timely manner.

Students will use LiveText to complete their edTPA portfolio and document their performance on the Technical Standards/Foundational Competencies and the Maryland Teacher Technology Standards. LiveText will also be used to complete the Performance Based Assessment. As an added benefit, students will have the option to upgrade their LiveText accounts to Learn 360, a web-based digital video library comprised of thousands of K-12 core-curriculum videos, video clips, newsreels, audio and video speeches, still images, and audio files.


Complete your CITI training here

(Note: After completing the CITI training, please download the completion certificate into your Livetext account)

Letter from the Dean, 

LiveText Letter from Dean




Students are required to purchase the FEM version of LiveText ($139.00). LiveText is a one time purchase and is good for seven years. There is no need to purchase another account if you already have one. Students are expected to purchase LiveText no later than the end of schedule adjustment period in the Fall/Spring semester.

LiveText accounts may be purchased online directly from Livetext or in the University Bookstore under course EDUC-EDUC.

Note: If purchasing from the University Bookstore, you MUST physically pick up your student keycode from the cashier's desk at the bookstore.


Please contact the Assessment Office at for details.



Students who have purchased LiveText online are automatically registered during the purchase process. For all others, see tutorial: 

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Please contact the Assessment Office for a Faculty Keycode. Then register using the tutorial 

Faculty Tutorial

**Note: Be sure to register using the email address you have identified in the University system.
To confirm your email address, log in to Testudo and use this email address for the School and Personal email requested in LiveText registration.

For both Students and Faculty, please go to LiveText ( to begin registering your LiveText account.


Internet Connection Required A high-speed Internet connection (DSL/Cable/T1) is highly recommended. 

56K Dial-Up Internet connection is a minimum requirement.

Supported Internet Browsers

  • Firefox, version 1.0 or greater
  • Safari, version 2.0 or greater
  • Google Chrome 

** While all tools in the LiveText suite are compatible with Safari, some document formatting capabilities are limited. 

Note: LiveText can be viewed on mobile devices, though some features may not be accessbile

To request assistance, please contact the Assessment Office.

Training Dates: 


o Please contact the Assessment Office at for training dates or individual training requests.

Question: I forgot my password

  1. Go to
  2. Select the “Forgot” link at the top of the screen next to the login boxes.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. The login information will be sent to you in two separate emails, one for the username and one  to reset your password.

Question: How do I find Active Placements?
1)       In the Program Account, Coordinators can verify if placements are active and who is associated with the placement. 
2)       Once confirmed, Supervisors or Mentors should be able to locate the correct placement in their own accounts by looking at the end of their placement lists.
3)       Withdrawn placements can be removed from the list by selecting “Active” in the drop-down menu on the left side, and selecting “Search”. 

Question: How do I see completed assessments, including my own?
1)      PDS Coordinators, please see the Faculty Quick Reference Guide for instructions. All others, please Contact the PDS Coordinator or the Assessment Office AFTER confirming that Mentor, Intern, and Supervisor (if applicable) have completed assessments to update viewing permission.

Question: What should I do when I get an Application Error?
1)       Please make sure you have selected a score for all items.
2)       Please make sure your spelling in any comments boxes is correct. (You should not see red or green squiggly lines.)

Question: What should I do if my comments box does not work properly?
1)       Please use Firefox or Safari, if possible. There is a bug in Internet Explorer.
2)       Be careful of spelling errors – the PBA will not submit if there are any unrecognized words or characters.
3)       Be sure NOT to use quotations (“) or apostrophe’s (‘) as these are unrecognized characters in LiveText.
4)       To “unfreeze” a comment box, click anywhere outside of the box then return to it. Again, check spelling.
5)       As a backup, please copy comments to a Word document so they are available if needed.

Question: What if my PBA says “Overdue”?

  1. You may still complete the PBA by clicking the “Overdue”.  This is a link which will direct you to your PBA.

If any FAQ recommendations are ineffective, please contact us with your name, content area, the browser you’re using (and have access to), and a screen shot of the error, if possible. We also encourage you to use our ticket system, which may be accessed under “Technical Assistance” in the menu bar.

Ebony Terrell Shockley, Executive Director of Teacher Education
Donna North, Assessment Analyst
Christopher Cooks, Assistant Director of Assessment:Database Development & Operations