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The mission of the Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education Department is to prepare scholars and practitioners to become leaders in administration, counseling, policy, psychological services, and special education. We promote excellence in education and human services across the spectrum of abilities and individuals differences, from birth to adulthood, in a wide range of settings.  Our mission is characterized by four overarching goals that guide the work of the Department’s faculty and specializations:

  1. To produce nationally and internationally recognized research, scholarship, and policy guidance for all levels and aspects of education and applied human development;
  2. To enhance educational organizations and individual development through application of our scholarship;
  3. To promote equity, diversity, global perspectives, and social justice in education and human service contexts; and
  4. To provide innovative and exemplary graduate and undergraduate education.

The Department fosters a collaborative community that incorporates theory, research, and practice, and engages students, educators, and professionals in the advancement of education and human development.