Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education (CHSE)

Adolescent Literacy & Professional Development Lab

The Adolescent Literacy and Professional Development Lab Under the guidance of Dr. Jade Wexler, the Adolescent Literacy & Professional Development Lab is committed to improving literacy outcomes for adolescent readers, both with and without disabilities. In partnership with school districts, instructional leaders, and teachers, the lab studies and develops innovative ways of professional...

Autism, Family, Culture, and Communication Education Lab

Autism, Family, Culture, and Communication Education Lab (ACCEL) is a team of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty working together with children, families, and practitioners in early intervention, early childhood education, special education, applied behavior analysis, and related fields to understand and promote culturally relevant and evidence-based practices that support early language/literacy, social communication, and daily living skills of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities or delays.

Bullying Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Lab

The Bullying Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Lab conducts research on topics including bullying and bullying prevention, school-based mental health services and prevention of mental health problems, mental health literacy, help-seeking among culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students, parenting practices and family involvement. Some of our recent projects include: Influences of...

Emotions, Equity, & Education Lab

We collaborate with educators and communities to improve socioemotional learning, literacy, and achievement for all students. We are interested in constructs like stress, mental health, resilience, persistence, emotional regulation, and motivation. Our work engages a diverse group of students from local schools as we examine socioemotional supports that make students successful in literacy and achievement.

Postsecondary Transition and Equity Lab (PTEL)

Welcome to the Postsecondary Transition and Equity Lab! Led by Dr. Shikarpurya, our lab is driven by an equity-focused mission to promote culturally affirming and meaningful life outcomes for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We examine systemic inequities in postsecondary transition and conduct community-driven and family-centered interventions to transform the postsecondary transition outcomes of racially minoritized young adults with IDD.

Risk, Resilience and Culture Lab

The UC Berkeley-UMD Risk, Resilience, and Culture Lab studies how school members (e.g., students, teachers, parents, community members) interact with their living contexts (e.g., classroom, school, family, community, culture) to find their resilience in the face of a variety of risk factors in school settings and beyond, such as bullying, cyberbullying, peer victimization, teacher burnout, and...

Social Cognitive Career Theory Lab

WELCOME Welcome to the Social Cognitive Career Theory Lab! Our research team includes Dr. Bob Lent and several graduate students in counseling psychology. The research team pursues individual and joint studies of career, academic, counseling, wellness, and relationship behavior. Most of the team's studies involve applications of social cognitive theory and focus on positive psychological...

Social Justice Lab

The Social Justice, Intersectionality, and Heteronormativity Lab within the Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education at the University of Maryland, College Park investigates the ways in which privileged social status in terms of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and (dis)ability result in discriminatory attitudes and behaviors among mental health professionals. Key...

Technology, Interventions, and Inclusion in Autism Lab (TIIA)

The technology, interventions, and inclusion in autism (TIIA) lab led by Gulnoza Yakubova, Ph.D., researches topics related to technology supports and interventions to support the education, inclusion, and independent living of autistic individuals. As a team consisting of high school, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty members, we collaborate with autistic individuals, families, and school professionals to develop interventions using technology and other inclusive practices to serve the needs of autistic individuals.

Temperament and Narratives Lab

Welcome to the Temperament and Narratives Lab! Our lab is led by Dr. Hedy Teglasi and is housed within the Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education at the University of Maryland. We investigate young children and early career teachers’ emotional and cognitive processes that contribute to development and mental health. Our ongoing projects use multiple perspectives and...