Literacy Education

The Literacy Education focus in the Language, Literacy, and Social Inquiry area of specialization centers on reading education. Our mission is twofold: (1) to prepare scholars, researchers, and teacher educators to serve as leaders in the field of reading education; and (2) to prepare highly-qualified reading teachers and reading specialists to work effectively and equitably in diverse elementary and secondary schools.

Faculty conduct research in each of six strands: (1) research-based literacy instruction; (2) family literacy; (3) literature and exposition; (4) diversity; (5) literacy processes and strategies; and (6) assessment. These strands demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that all children have access to compassionate and competent reading teachers and become lifelong readers. This research is funded through federal grants and private foundations including the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Spencer Foundation. Typically, faculty involve graduate students in their research projects.


Peter A. Afflerbach, Ph.D.

Ayanna Baccus, Ph.D.

Mariam Jean Dreher, Ph.D.

Olivia Saracho, Ph.D.

Jennifer D. Turner, Ph.D.