Literacy Education, Ph.D.

The Literacy Education doctoral areas of emphasis in the Division of Language, Literacy, and Social Inquiry (LLSI) at Maryland provide highly motivated students with inter-disciplinary program options grounded in research, theory, and best practices available in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership and other departments in the College of Education.  

Relevant course work may also be taken in American Studies, Anthropology, Classics, Communication, English, Hearing and Speech, History, Journalism, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy, Sociology, Theater, Women’s Studies and other departments at Maryland.  

Literacy Education in LLSI has three (3) doctoral areas of emphasis: a.) Adolescent, Post-Secondary, and Community Literacies; b.) Language, Education, and Society; and c.) Literature for Children and Young Adults.

Emphasis in Adolescent, Post-Secondary, and Community Literacies

The Adolescent, Post-Secondary, and Community Literacies doctoral area of emphasis focuses on conducting research on how people in their everyday lives – whether in classrooms, communities, families, or other educational settings – use written language and other semiotic systems to learn, to communicate, to create knowledge, to engage their imaginations, to create positive identities for themselves, to enhance their communities, to promote social justice, to engage in democratic actions, and to participate in all aspects of society. More information on the Adolescent, Post-Secondary, and Community Literacies Emphasis


Emphasis in Language, Education, and Society

The Language, Education, and Society doctoral area of emphasis is a research-driven program that focuses students’ studies on how language, culture, and social processes affect educational issues. Students have many ways to customize their doctoral program and many opportunities to work closely with faculty on their research and pursue their own research interests to shape the educational discourse in language, culture, and learning in our nation’s schools and other professional contexts. More information on the Language, Education, and Society Emphasis


Emphasis in Literature for Children and Young Adults

The Literacy Education doctoral area of emphasis in Literature for Children and Young Adults is interdisciplinary and capitalizes on the academic expertise and research of scholars across departments. Students in this program pursue disciplined and rigorous inquiries in the history, development, and literary critical trends in children’s and young adult literature.  More information on the Literature for Children and Young Adults Emphasis