Our three research and practice-oriented departments provide inspired learning opportunities that develop students into leaders in education. Our programs prepare students to transform lives on the local and national level, through hands-on teaching, research, policy, counseling, school administration, and education specialist positions. From strong partnerships with school systems to innovative research on how the brain influences complex learning behaviors, our academic programs are at the forefront of the field of education.

Our Departments

UMD Students with Terp Mascot


Through our new campaign #EdTerpsVote, COE is providing resources and information to our community members on how they can maximize their impact, stay informed, stay involved, and exercise their right to vote. We are hosting a series of virtual events, including teacher preparation workshops on how to teach civic engagement in the classroom. We're partnering with local organizations to explain the impact of voting on K-12 and higher education.

Why I Vote

Our students, faculty and staff have shared videos across multiple digital platforms on why they vote. And we are collaborating with peers throughout UMD's campus to elevate our civic engagement goals and encourage everyone to 'Get Out and Vote!'